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About Us


Adult DUI Programs
Our adult Driving Under the Influence Programs (DUIP) have provided services to thousands of Kern County residents over the years. Whether someone is a first offender who wishes only to get his or her license back, someone who has been convicted of reckless driving, or a multiple offender whose convictions may be the result of chronic substance use, every individual is treated with dignity and respect. We work to help each client achieve the goals he or she has established. You are not judged; instead we work to help you achieve success as you define it.

Minor DUI Programs
Throughout the years, DUI laws have become tougher. We pride ourselves on being the only program in Kern County currently providing Driving under the Influence services to those under 18. All our clients are referred by Probation and/or courts in Kern and other Counties. This is a critical population, as the earlier we help minors to stop problem behavior, the better the prognosis for them.