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Our History

STEPS is a non-profit public benefit corporation that was established by the Westchester Kiwanis Club in 1964 to increase safety in our community. The original goal was to provide traffic violator school instruction. When the need arose for drinking driver classes, we stepped up to the plate, knowing that providing high quality DUI classes would increase public safety.

Over forty years later, Westchester Kiwanis still plays a vital role on the Board of Directors, along with community members. In addition to providing classes related to driving under the influence for adults and minors, we provide traffic classes. We are involved in the community in multiple prevention activities, including Recovery Happens, National Alcohol Screening Day, and a variety of health fairs. We are proud to champion those selfless organizations such as AA or NA whose only goal is to help individuals achieve sobriety one day at a time.

Our Mission

STEPS mission is to promote community awareness through safety, education and substance abuse counseling.

Staff Qualifications

We are proud to say our staff average over nine years of experience in this field. Most are certified by state recognized certifying bodies. We provide study time and reimbursement for those staff who are in the process of becoming certified.

We also provide a variety of training opportunities. Whether there are new counseling techniques that boast a better outcome for our clients, or ways to insure our clients receive the most up-to-date health information, we find ways to insure that you receive the most effective services available.