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What programs are offered at STEPS?

STEPS offers Wet Reckless, the First Offender 3 Month program, First Offender 6 Month program, First Offender 9 month Program, Multiple Offender 12 Month program, and the Multiple Offender 18 Month program.

How much will my program cost?

Each program is established by Kern County, and each program has a specific cost. (Find the Programs section of our website.)

How do I get started?

You will need to call the office to make an intake appointment. You can expect the appointment to take about 90 minutes. During this time, you will complete all required paperwork, receive your program contract, rules and regulations, and identify your goals. You will learn about the program you will be taking, and what your role is in that process.

Does STEPS take out-of-state referrals?

STEPS will conduct an assessment on out-of-state clients, and contact the referral agency to insure that the client receives what is needed. We routinely work with other state agencies throughout the country.

Do I have to pay the whole program fee up front? How do I pay?

No, we have payment options for you. We take cash, money orders, and most credit and debit cards.

What do I need for my intake?

You will need your court referral or an H-6 DMV printout. You may get the H-6 at the DMV for a cost of $5.00.

Can I finish before the given time?

No, the State does not allow you to finish a program earlier than its designated length. If you do miss groups or classes, however, you can make them up.