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Welcome to STEPS We work with you to help get your driver's license back. Learn More DUI Arrest? We Can Help STEPS can help you with the DUI process Sign Up For Traffic School STEPS offers a full traffic school for DMV compliance Register through our website and start the process today

Welcome to STEPS:

STEPS is a nonprofit organization that provides Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and other services in metropolitan Bakersfield, California. Our staff are compassionate and non-judgmental. They work with you to help get your driver’s license back. When you arrive at KERN COUNTY TRAFFIC SCHOOL STEPS , you choose your own goals that best fit your time schedule.

We provide Driving Under the Influence Program (DUI) in two locations in Bakersfield: Mt. Vernon Avenue across from Bakersfield College, and Rosedale Highway. We also provide Minor Alcohol and Drug Education Program (MAADEP) services in Bakersfield.